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The world’s largest selection of custom powder coating colors.

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The unrivaled leader in thin-film ceramic polymer protective coatings

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DIY ceramic coatings that restore and protect your vehicle’s trim and headlights!

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Founded over 35 years ago, NIC Industries Inc.'s vision was to manufacture coating products that would truly have a global impact. NIC now manufactures industry-leading coatings that are distributed and sold in nearly 90 countries around the world. Cerakote, Prismatic Powders, and Performance Materials operate as separate divisions of NIC which has grown to be included in the top 25 largest paint and coating manufacturers in the United States. NIC's customer base is as wide as its geographical impact, with applications in technology, aerospace, sporting goods, and the automotive industry.


A relentless pursuit to provide market-leading coating technologies with an unyielding passion to never settle.

Core Values


An uncompromisable commitment to integrity is paramount to long-term success; victory without it is hollow and short-lived.


Continuous professional growth of our team is crucial to maximizing excellence, innovation, and organizational resilience.


We must be good stewards of the trust we have earned from our customers, employees, and vendors.


Advancing core technologies through prioritized, focused investment is vital to the success and endurance of our company and our customers.


Investment of all company resources must be made with calculated planning to achieve an intentional outcome.

Corporate Governance

NIC's shareholders are focused on long-term investments to further the corporate mission. Supported by an experienced Board of Directors, the Executive Leadership and Management Teams take an active role in advancing these strategic initiatives. All levels of leadership are aligned in a culture of planning and executing investments for the long term.

Facility & Location

Headquartered on 18 acres in Southern Oregon, NIC operates several facilities that include nearly 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space, a state-of-the-art polymer production plant, training facilities, robotics integration group, Research & Development, and all our business support services. We take pride in manufacturing our products in the United States.

The Foundation of Freedom

We believe our customers ultimately benefit from an open and free market that drives innovation through fierce competition.

NIC Industries brands, Cerakote and Prismatic Powders